About Consula

Launched in November 2012, Consula is a consultant lawyer solution that gives access to a legal consultant and start up business support. Whether you need an in-house lawyer (legal officer or legal director (non-executive)) to handle specific disputes or projects, or whether you are a start-up in need of on-going legal, strategic or ad-hoc support, Consula has the solution.

Consula’s London-based consultants are among the very best – experienced lawyers who combine strong commercial strategy and delivery skills with positive and engaging personalities. They can provide the support, insight and information you need, whether its project management consultancy on the ground for an extended period, help through a critical phase of work or simply strategic advice on marketing, SEO, business structure or business planning.

What is it that sets Consula apart from other consultant lawyers? Consula is building a strong reputation – not only for meeting demanding delivery challenges and getting good results, but for being enjoyable to work with. By focusing on our client’s needs first, we are helping to deliver a range of solutions in a new and innovative way that is cost-effective and rewarding.

By helping our clients formulate their business, legal and functional strategies, we can ensure they are realistic and practical to implement. Consula also understands that the world does not stand still once a strategy is defined, so in addition to providing hands on resource to support delivery, we will maintain a strategic perspective – to continually sense check the priorities and maintain strategic alignment, adding flexibility and market-reaction to long-term solutions.

Consula provides support at every stage of business, from inception, formation/start-up through to formulation of strategy for established businesses. Whether your business is small, medium or large, we can help.

For more information about the range, depth and innovative experience Consula can provide, take a moment to look at our  experience, or our team.


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