Consula Services

Consula provides a range of different services to law firms, business, start up and individuals. Below are some details of the types of services we offer:

For Law Firms

The legal marketplace is changing dramatically in 2o13. Consula can help your firm adapt to the challenges and develop new market opportunities. We offer the following services to law firms:

1. Strategic Input – Strategic planning often requires innovation and flexibility in order to deliver a successful strategy that can meet the objectives of any business in a rapidly changing marketplace. Contact Consula to discuss how we can help your firm.

2. Process Mapping – process mapping can provide a valuable addition to that model by helping to identify efficiency savings, additional WiP and revenue streams and opportunities for improved CRM and business development. Contact Consula to discuss how we can help your firm.

3. Regulatory Support – An ever-changing landscape accompanied by the need for risk management and transparency under the threat of regulatory intervention means that it is more important than ever to understand and manage the regulatory issues affecting your business. Contact Consula to discuss how we can help your firm.

4. Exit the Personal Injury Market – Consula can provide your firm with access to a new and unique process that gives law firms and their advisors the ability to comfortably and sensibly withdraw from the personal injury market through a professionally managed process. This service, we believe, will be attractive to advisors and law firms in such cases as pending insolvency, cash flow difficulties or re-structures. The innovative service will also attract law firms wishing to exit the market on a voluntary basis, whether for retirement or the desire to withdraw from this highly competitive market. For more information about this service click here.

For Business & Start ups

The impact of the financial crisis, austerity and economic uncertainty mean many businesses need to adapt and innovate new solutions to meet the current market pressures. 2012-2013 has also seen a marked increase in start up business by many different types of entrepreneurs  Consula can help your business adapt to these challenges and develop new market opportunities. We offer the following services to business and start ups:

1. Strategic Input – Subsequent to the economic downturn and the prospect of increased competition that it brings it is essential that business adapt to market conditions. Consula can help provide insight, ideas and solutions to help. Find out what a business consultant can do to help you. Contact Consula to discuss how we can help your business.

2. Legal Support – Litigation, dispute resolution and negotiating settlements can be expensive. By appointing one of our Consultants as an in-house legal officer, or a non-executive director, our solution gives you access to legal expertise on a fixed cost basis, avoiding uncertainty in legal fees. This is achieved through a number of different solutions, ranging from in-house to non executive director. Contact Consula to discuss how we can help your business.

3. Start up Business Support – We provide tailored, cost-effective and practical packages for start-ups. Whether you need help with your terms & conditions, understanding your regulatory position or assistance with a dispute, Consula has the solutions. For more information about the range of start up business solutions we offer click here.

4. Company Formation – Our company formation system offers an all inclusive, easy to use, cost effective solution to forming a limited company in the UK. We send all your forms electronically to Companies House which means we can form your company within around three working hours, there are no paper forms to sign and you do not need a solicitor. The service is greate value and starts from £30, with a 4 hour turn around time. For more information about ConsulaFormations click here.

5. Domain Registration & Hosting – Our shared web hosting services are suitable for absolutely everyone, from novices to technically advanced users. Each consulaHosting all-inclusive web hosting plan offers fast and stable servers, a user-friendly web hosting Control Panel (available in more than 15 languages), as well as a bunch of useful FREE bonuses. Hosing from £1.98 a month. You can also register a domain name with our domain registration service, from £4.36. For more information about ConsulaHosting click here.

6. Third Party Services – Consula provides access to several third party services which many businesses and start ups would find useful. From free website traffic, website design, internet fax services to accounts software, trade mark registration and SMS marketing, to name a few, Consula gives you and your business access to the tools and services to help make your business a success. For more information about these third party services click here.

For Individuals

In addition to the legal and strategic support offered to law firms, business and start ups, Consula also provides legal support services to individuals, including:

1. Legal Consultancy – If you need a “fact-based” consultation, we can provide this directly for you as a legal consultant.  Click here to find out more about our legal support solutions for individuals.

2. Form Filling Support – If you are looking for help completing legal forms, our legal consultant approach is friendly, informative and competitively priced. Click here to find out more about our legal support solutions for individuals.

3. Access to Free and paid Legal Advice – If you need legal advice or if you need advice and representation, then you may be able to get free help or find a low cost solution, depending on your circumstances. Click here to find out more about our legal support solutions for individuals.

Please refer to our terms of service, privacy policy, cookies policy and regulatory information in respect of all our services and services offered by third parties.


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